Residential Pool Heaters and Dehumidifiers

Proper dehumidification of indoor pool enclosures is a must for comfort and maintenance of the pool structure and building. EoTech pool heating and dehumidification systems make great economic sense for comfortable indoor pools.

Proper Dehumidification cuts down on building damage.

When humidity levels in an indoor pool are not properly maintained, mold and mildew flourish, ceiling tiles and walls become saturated, metal trim on windows and doors corrodes and the building can quickly becomes a health hazard. With proper humidity control there is less damage to the building and less need for repairs to maintain the structure.

Comfort Increases Pool Usage

Comfort is a big factor for indoor pools - high moisture content in the air is difficult to breathe and chilly water is uncomfortable. EoTech pool heating and dehumidification systems control humidity and heat the pool - keeping the pool and its environment comfortable.

PhD Series - Residential Pool heater and Dehumidifier

E-Tech Residential PhD systems are integrated packages which supply 100% of the heat required to heat a pool with savings of 25-50% over conventional natural gas or electric systems.

How the PhD Works:

The PhD Pool heating Dehumidifier recovers the energy lost by the pool to the atmosphere through evaporation. This produces cool, dehumidified air which is returned to the pool environment, stabilizing the humidity. The recovered energy recovered is returned to the pool water to maintain the desired temperature. Excess energy is used to reheat the air that has been cooled in the dehumidifying process to help maintain the interior temperature of the pool enclosure. The PhD system reduces the need for fresh air ventilation to control humidity and provides additional energy savings since less fresh air is required to be heated during winter operation. They are designed to keep relative humidity at a comfortable 55% to 60%.

The EoTech design sizes the compressor to provide 100% of the heat needed to maintain a pool or spa at the desired temperature and reheat the cool return air to the original temperature when pool heating is required. This provides maximum comfort and economy. The PhD is not designed to replace the heat lost through walls, roofs, windows or air filtration. Additional heat can be supplied by an auxiliary heat source if needed.

Residential PhD models:

E-Tech produces 5 sizes of residential PhD models. The performance of each model at rated conditions is:

Residential PhD Models
PhD 20 PhD 30 PhD 50 PhD 60 PhD 80
Max. Water Heating Capacity (Btu/hr) 21,000 35,000 52,000 57,000 79,000
Net Air Reheating Capacity (Btu/hr) 16,000 26,600 40,000 43,000 60,000
Total Air Cooling
Capacity (Btu/hr)
17,000 28,000 41,600 45,600 63,200
Moisture Removal Capacity (lbs/hr) 7 10 15 17 24

Optional Features:

PhD systems can be customized for the needs of individual applications by adding the following options to Increase Flexibility of PhD System:

• Economizer Module

The economizer module allows the use of outside air for dehumidification when it is more economical. It is attached to the air inlet of the unit and includes a return air blower and connections to the exhaust and fresh air ducts. Each economizer is provided with three motorized dampers. The use of the Economizer is determined by a dew point controller.

• Remote A/C Ready

This option provides on demand cooling. The unit is provided with refrigerant connections for field piping to an outdoor air cooled condenser. The condenser must be ordered separately, or can be supplied by others.

• Outdoor Air Cooled Condenser

These are the optional outdoor air cooled condenser for use with the Remote A/C ready option to provide on demand cooling. It consists of an air condenser and with an axial fan.

Model Optional Condenser Heat of Rejection @ 25°F TD (btuh) Size (in) H x W x L
PhD 30S RC-30 30,000 25.5” x 21.75” x 39.5”
PhD 50S
PhD 60S
RC-60 60,000 30.5” x 23.5” x 42”
PhD 80S RC-130 130,000 48.5” x 45.125” x 49.5”

• Built-In Water Cooled Condenser

The PhD can be provided with an integrated water cooled condenser to provide on demand cooling when a cooling water or Geo loop is available for that purpose. Condenser water pumps are not included.

• Custom Air Flow Options

Each PhD can be supplied with customized air flow and can be designed to meet the external static pressure (ESP) required by the application.

• Auxiliary Heating

Each PhD can be provided with an auxiliary heating air coil which to use hot water supplied by another source, or electric heaters can be added to the discharge ductwork of the installation.

• Room Thermostat

A thermostat to set desired enclosure temperature can be included in each unit.

• Room Humidistat

A humidistat to set desired enclosure humidity level can be included in each unit.

Selecting the Proper E-Tech Pool Heating/Dehumidification System for your pool:

The PhD system best suited to your needs is a function of: pool size, building size, location of pool, activity levels and the climate in your area. The proper size will depend heavily on the pool water temperature and air temperature desired - the higher the water and air temperatures, the larger the size of the unit required.) Selection of the right system is important to get the desired results. AERS can assist you with selecting a PhD system, contact us for assistance.